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Monday Morning Mentor: How Can I Create Authentic Engagement Through Feedback Dialogue?

When feedback is offered as an explanation to a grade, most students will focus on the number and not look past it to the reasons why they received that score. Quality feedback can have a massive impact on student success, but what if we took success beyond just a grade? Feedback that creates a dialogue with students can enhance student engagement while encouraging students to deepen their understanding. By involving students in feedback, students are more likely to buy-in and apply their learning beyond a single assignment.

This 20-Minute Mentor imparts proven strategies that get students to listen to and act on instructor feedback which improves student engagement throughout the learning process. Receive practical advice that bridges the gap between instructor and students. This 20-Minute Mentor shows why feedback should be a meaningful dialogue as opposed to just how to give feedback.

Learning Goals

After viewing this Magna 20-Minute Mentor, participants will be able to:

  • Provide meaningful feedback to students
  • Create opportunities for student feedback
  • Restructure feedback to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes

Topics Covered

  • Meaningful feedback
  • Reflective feedback
  • Student engagement through feedback dialogue
Monday, March 25, 2024
Time (Central/Memphis):
All Day Event
  Magna Monday Morning Mentor  

Event Organizer

Veronica Reliford-Thomas