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Monday Morning Mentor: How Can Educational Programs Use Backwards Design to Drive Learning and Student Success?

Backwards design is a straightforward process that provides value to both learners and instructors by creating alignment between objectives, class format, and examination questions. This method can assure student success by focusing on the outcomes first and ensuring that the course content aligns with those outcomes, while also creating a better process for instructors by allowing them to focus on their own content more efficiently. This program will help participants implement backwards design for future classes, courses, or curricula. Additionally, the presenter details three key steps to backwards design, provides three supplementary hints for success, and illustrates the process with several relatable examples.

Learning Goals

After viewing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Apply the principles of backwards design to any teaching opportunity
  • Redesign current teaching sessions and exams using backwards design
  • Teach others how to use backwards design

Topics Covered

  • Why is backwards design useful?
  • The three key steps of backwards design
  • Additional tips for success with backwards design
  • Practice examples to help illustrate backwards design
Monday, March 22, 2021
Time (Central/Memphis):
All Day Event
  Magna Monday Morning Mentor  

Event Organizer

Veronica Reliford-Thomas